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MPC Wallet
Implementation Checklist

Implementation Checklist

Before you start integrating the SDK, make sure you have the following decided - we're here to help:

  • Are you building on mobile or web?
  • Where do you store your user's key shares?
  • Do you allow your users to back up their key shares on your DB?
  • Do you allow your users to back up their key shares on the cloud?
  • Do you propagate user authentication to pier using SAML 2.0 or do you use pier's authentication?
  • Do you want a 2/2 or 2/3 signature setup?
  • Do you want to allow re-generation of key shares? Be aware: if you allow re-generation of key shares, the old keyshares can still be used by bad actors.

Security considerations

  • We (pier) are not responsible for storing the user shares & backups - we can only give advice on how this can best be achieved
  • We (pier) will not hold "enough" keys for us to be classified as "custodian" or any bad actor to be allowed a transaction - this means for example that we will not hold 2 out of 3, only 1 out of 3
  • We (pier) will encrypt key shares - this means that even if someone gets access to our DB, they will not be able to decrypt the key shares
  • We (pier) will not hold backup of "old" / "rotated" keyshares
  • We (pier) will only allow "authenticated by the user" requests
  • We (pier) will allow authentication of users via standard mechanisms - oAuth 2.0 is preferred