Learn how to build on the decentralized web

Welcome to pier

At pier, we believe that in the future everyone will have one, if not many, wallets - under the hood of their favourite apps. We are building the infrastructure to make this possible.

With our wallet-as-a-service platform you can get all the benefits of Account Abstraction (ERC-4337), Multi Signature and Multi Party Computing (MPC) technology. Our integration is plug & play. We enable a superior user experience while allowing users and businesses to be self-custodial.

Build it your way

  • on mobile, web or desktop
  • as a service or on premise
  • with our pier branded frontend, White Labelled or your own
  • to allow Account Abstraction or Multi Party Computing (MPC)
  • supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, and many more

Build on top of tech that makes sense

  • Account Abstraction: On all EVM chains (e.g. Ethereum, Polygon), pier Account Abstraction SDK gives you access to all Account Abstraction capabilities - you can create wallets, sign transactions, allow social logins, whitelists, blacklists and many more. Your users will not have to worry about private keys, seed phrases, gas fees or any other blockchain related complexity.

  • Multi Signature: On all EVM chains (e.g. Ethereum, Polygon), you can set up wallets so they allow multiple signatures (n/m) to sign transactions. This is especially useful for companies, DAOs, or any other organisation that wants to have multiple people sign transactions.

  • Multi Party Computing: On all non-EVM (e.g. Bitcoin, Cardano) chains, pier MPC allows you to create wallets with multiple key shards (n/m) and sign transactions - without your users having to worry about private keys, seed phrases, gas fees or any other blockchain related complexity.

Build with pier

Seamless UX & DX

  • Flexible user onboarding
  • No user-payed gas fees
  • Track your platform usage in our dashboard

Own your keys

  • Self-custodial
  • No single point of failure
  • No single point of trust
  • No single point of attack

Secure by design

  • Multi-party computation
  • Multi-signature (n/m)
  • Account recovery with 2FA
  • Account recovery with Guardians (n/m)
  • Account recovery with default Guardian
  • Subsidized transactions

Fully integrated with your platform

  • White labelled
  • Customisable design system
  • Codes to mint Tokens & other NFTs