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Account Abstraction Wallet
Overview & Architecture

What you can achieve with Account Abstraction at pier

Account abstraction eliminates the need for users to manage cumbersome seed phrases, making onboarding more user-friendly. Instead, users can leverage familiar sign-in methods such as social logins or username and password combinations, offering an easily recognizable experience. Additionally, the utilization of biometrics for login adds an extra layer of convenience and security. Account abstraction also removes the burden of handling gas fees, allowing businesses to cover transaction costs on behalf of their users. In the event of lost access, new recovery methods such as social recovery and integration with authenticator apps provide reliable and secure alternatives.

Features include:

  • Seamless and automated wallet creation, tailored to your products needs. Can be completely invisible if desired or integrated with SSO.
  • Configuration of wallet properties (e.g. default guardian, default recovery, whitelisting, etc)
  • A paymaster to pay for gas fees on behalf of your users
  • Simplified & immediate transaction process without nonce tracking or waiting for confirmations
  • Reduced concerns about transaction issues like stuck transactions, gas prices, failures, order, and batching
  • Progressive security set up: from no security to advanced security with social recovery, multi-sig or authenticator recovery - tailor it to your user's needs
  • After successful implementation, a dashboard gives you a detailed overview of your usage of the pier platform.

pier's account abstraction platform for regular use cases

For straightforward applications, we recommend our basic setup, which offers substantial flexibility and security:

  • Non-custodial user wallets
  • No seed phrases or private keys
  • Simplified gas fee management
  • Hassle-free blockchain transaction handling
Account Abstraction

pier's account abstraction platform for advanced use cases

For advanced use cases, we recommend you reach out (opens in a new tab) to us to discuss your specific needs. We can offer you a tailored solution that includes:

  • Multi-sig wallets
  • Social recovery
  • Authenticator recovery
  • Whitelisting
  • Customized transaction handling