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Account Abstraction Wallet
Overview & Architecture

What You Can Achieve with Account Abstraction at Pier

Account abstraction is a transformative technology! It enables the creation of smart contract wallets, offering all the capabilities of standard wallets but with the significant advantage of customizable security features. This results in wallets that are not only more secure but also more adaptable and user-friendly.

Features include:

  • Configurable security options
  • Integration with Single Sign-On (SSO) and other authentication systems
  • Compatibility with Ledger and other hardware wallets
  • Elimination of seed phrases and private key management
  • Gas fee management with no requirement for ETH/native token balance
  • Simplified transaction process without nonce tracking
  • Immediate transaction processing without waiting for confirmations
  • Reduced concerns about transaction issues like stuck transactions, gas prices, failures, order, and batching

pier's account abstraction platform for regular use cases

For straightforward applications, we recommend our basic setup, which offers substantial flexibility and security:

  • Non-custodial user wallets
  • No seed phrases or private keys
  • Simplified gas fee management
  • Hassle-free blockchain transaction handling
Account Abstraction

pier's account abstraction platform for financial institutions and enterprises

For more intricate setups requiring top-tier security, we offer enhanced features like:

  • Multisig Authorization: Share authorization across multiple entities. Transactions above a certain value require consent from a specified number of parties.
  • Account Freezing: Lock the account from an authorized device if a device is lost or compromised.
  • Account Recovery: Authorize new devices and reset access using pre-approved accounts.
  • Transaction Limits: Set daily/weekly/monthly limits to safeguard against unauthorized large withdrawals.
  • Whitelists Creation: Restrict transactions to pre-approved addresses. Whitelists require multiple signatures for modifications, adding an extra layer of security.
Account Abstraction

Theory behind Account Abstraction

Users typically interact with Ethereum via externally owned accounts (EOAs) (opens in a new tab) , the standard for initiating transactions or executing smart contracts. This model limits user interaction with the Ethereum network, such as in batching transactions or maintaining an ETH balance for gas.

Account abstraction offers a solution by enabling users to infuse their accounts with advanced security and improved user experiences through smart contract utilization. This approach allows for direct asset storage and transaction execution on the blockchain.